TDDing Functional Web App Scalar 2018
TDDing Functional Web Apps

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TDDing Functional Web Apps

Get some theoretical and practical overview of the TDD approach & Functional Programming by creating the multiplayer Pac-Man game server.

  • Test Driven Development (baby steps, starting with the game logic and moving towards HTTP).
  • Purely functional approach (separated data and behaviors, no exceptions, ADTs, Options).
  • Modeling using immutable structures.
  • Making impossible states impossible.
  • Using function composition.
  • Using Monix Atomic to handle state.
  • Separate concerns by using functions as input parameters.

Table of Contents:

  • Part I: Immutability (warm-up)
  • Part II: Introduction to stateless tests & TDD using Scalatest
  • Part III: Separating the concerns using functions
  • Part IV: Handling state
  • (optional) Part V: Connecting all dots


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