TDDing Functional Web Apps Scala Sphere 2018
TDDing Functional Web Apps

git clone

sbt test

You should have 12 failing tests.


TDDing Functional Web Apps

Get some theoretical and practical overview of the TDD approach & Functional Programming by creating the multiplayer Pac-Man game server.

  • Test Driven Development (baby steps, starting with the game logic and moving towards HTTP).
  • Purely functional approach (separated data and behaviors, no exceptions, ADTs, Options).
  • Modeling using immutable structures.
  • Making impossible states impossible.
  • Using function composition.
  • Using Monix Atomic to handle state.
  • Separate concerns by using functions as input parameters.

Table of Contents:

  • Part I: Immutability (warm-up)
  • Part II: Introduction to stateless tests & TDD using Scalatest
  • Part III: Separating the concerns using functions
  • Part IV: Handling state
  • (optional) Part V: Connecting all dots


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