Reactive UI by example

Wanna learn how to write functional and reactive frontend applications? It’s 2016 and things have changed a lot since GWT, jQuery and even Angular… That’s why I came up with an idea of writing a simple web game using only the “current best practices”. The code of this sample application can be found in my GitHub repo. But before I start implementing the game, I want to write about 3 “whys”.

Scalability using Sharding from Akka Cluster

This tutorial explains how we can easily transform our application into clustered one with the help of Akka toolkit.

Should you use microservice architecture?

In 2014 microservices went mainstream. However we still don't know anything about how microservice projects are maturing over time, so we need to be very cautious when considering them. In fact, it is still recommended to use monoliths.

What are microservices?

You've been hearing a new buzzword for some time now. Microservices architecture is a new shiny thing in software world. This post summarizes Martin Fowler's take on this topic.

Multithreading 101

This post will explain the basics laying behind multithreading in general and how those basics relate to real-world programming languages (Java in this case). This is the foundation which we will build upon in later posts, where we will talk about advanced multithreading and concurrency topics.